Paleo Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

Sometimes a chocolate craving hits you so hard you drop everything to go make the most chocolately (not a word, I know) muffins you can think of while still trying to keep them healthy. So that was honestly the inspiration behind this recipe.. a really severe chocolate craving. These are basically banana chocolate chip muffins but with cocoa powder for extra chocolately goodness. I’m just going to keep pretending like that’s a real word.

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Banana Blueberry Walnut Muffins

Are you tired of muffins yet? I should probably lay off on all of the muffin recipes but it’s just so hard because they’re so fun (and easy) to make! And I’ll just be honest and admit that I just really love muffins. I also love making them with ripe bananas because you don’t really need to add much sweetener since the bananas give off so much of the sweetness. I thought it would taste weird to combine banana and blueberries in a muffin but it actually is a great combination. My favorite go-to muffin is banana chocolate chip but in an effort to be healthier I reached for the fruit instead. The toasted walnuts really add great flavor as well. So overall just a really yummy muffin!

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Lemon Blueberry Chia Muffins

I am kinda into these warmer temperatures we’ve had lately. While part of me is super excited to have mid-70s weather in the middle of February but the other part of me is like wait… this is not normal. Yea, you know cause of the whole global warming crisis.. we’re still worried about that right? It feels like nobody is really talking about it that much these days when it used to be a huge concern a while back. Who knows. I’m not here to start a heated discussion (pun?) so I’ll get to talking about these muffins.

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Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Meatballs

If you’re like me you are more concerned about what appetizers you’ll make for the Superbowl then the actual event itself.. I’ll admit it. Now if the Panthers were playing it would be a different story. But they’re not so let’s talk about these meatballs. It’s like everything you love about a hot wing. The spicy buffalo sauce, tangy blue cheese and carrots all in one little bit sized treat! They actually taste like they should be bad for you. That’s how good they are. But the best part is there’s less than 40 calories in each meatball and they’re pretty filling. The most I could eat in one sitting is 4 and I was pretty full after that. 

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Clean Peanut Butter Banana Oat Muffins

You need to make these muffins. Right now. That is if you happen to have four brown bananas on hand… it’s funny because once I realize we have bananas that are going to go bad soon I use it as an excuse to make some kind of banana bread or muffins. Typically I make a healthier version of chocolate chip banana bread (very similar to this recipe) but in an effort to keep it a little cleaner I omitted the chocolate chips and added some oats and peanut butter instead. And they turned out pretty awesome.

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Go-To Green Smoothie

I debated whether or not to post this. Because, well.. it’s a fairly basic smoothie. I’m pretty sure we all know how to make a smoothie nowadays. Just throw a bunch of different stuff in a blender and there you have it. But this is like my favorite green smoothie that I make almost every morning now. And since I like it so much I just figured I’d go ahead and share it in case anyone else was in search of a solid smoothie recipe. You can obviously change out the fruit and mix it up however you like but I usually stick to the same stuff every morning. It just tastes that good.

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Tropical Pomegranate Smoothie

I have seriously been missing out. Howecome nobody ever told me that pomegranates are like the best thing ever?! What’s funny is that the day I made this smoothie was the first time I even tried pomegranate. Want to hear something even funnier? I told my husband that I was excited to try pomegranate for the first time and his response – “I don’t really like them because it seems like there’s not much left to eat once you remove all of the seeds.” I laughed pretty hard.. since the seeds are what you actually eat! I love the tangy flavor, it reminds me of cranberries but a little sweeter. 

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